Symptoms of gallbladder problems in women are more likely to occur than they do in men, according to the American College of Gastroenterology, primarily because of the female hormones progesterone and estrogen. Women who have been pregnant, are on birth control pills, and/or hormone therapy (estrogen) are even more likely to develop gallstones and other symptoms.

The symptoms of gallbladder problems that are most common are:

  • Symptoms of gall bladder problems in womenPain in a woman’s gallbladder region: The gallbladder is located right below her liver, on the right side of her body half way between her throat and belly button. The pain be sharp and sudden, or a chronic ache.
  • Pain in her abdomen: Though her gallbladder may be having problems, other parts of her abdomen may hurt as well. The pain can be continual or when she presses on different parts of her abdomen.
  • Pain in her right shoulder blade: Gallbladder pain can be felt in her right shoulder blade.
  • Jaundice: The whites of her eyes or skin can become slightly yellow, or jaundiced.
  • Bloating, gas, or different looking stool: If her gallbladder isn’t working right, it can affect the rest of her digestive tract.
  • Fever, nausea, and vomiting: While these symptoms can indicate other health issues, they are also tied to gallbladder problems.

There are many different symptoms of gallbladder issues and each type of problem has different symptoms associated it with it. Please read about different types of gallbladder disease to see which symptoms are tied to each gallbladder problem.

If you or a woman that you know has these symptoms, take a look at changing to a more healthy gallbladder diet, consider conducting gallbladder flushes, and learn some great recipes for a better gallbladder. Most importantly, please share your symptoms in the comment section below and others will share their advice on how to fix it! Seriously, please feel free to ask me any question you’d like! Just scroll down and share/ask in the “Leave a Reply” section. I’ll get back to you, usually in 24 hours.


Symptoms of Gallbladder Problems in Women — 12 Comments

  1. I had a couple of painful gall bladder attacks 10 – 12 years ago. It was suggested that I have it removed, but I decided to wait and see if I had more “attacks”. I haven’t, but in the last year or two, I’ve wondered if I have IBS, as I often have diarrhea, especially a small time – maybe 30 minutes after eating. This is very loose diarrhea. My niece just had her gall bladder out, and it made me wonder if my loose stools are actually a gall bladder issue. I have had no, as I call it, “gall bladder pain”, the pain that is worst on the left side of the torso. I get indigestion sometimes, usually at night, but it isn’t bad, and TUMS takes care of it. Before, when I had gall bladder attacks, antacids did nothing to help and the pain in my torso was awful. The only thing that helped was tramadol. The diarrhea is intermittent, but present more of the time than not. I’ve never had surgery, have everything I came with! At least, so far. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ann, this could be a gallbladder issue. I do suggest trying some of the gallbladder flushes, I’ve talked about. Also, I haven’t written a post on this yet, but I cut out all gluten (wheat) three years ago and it dropped my cholesterol 50 points in 6 months with no drugs. Since then, I’ve researched gluten intolerance thoroughly. It was tough as first, but now it’s no big deal – and I feel terrible when I accidentally get some gluten. Many people that I’ve discussed gluten intolerance with have said that as soon as they cut out wheat their IBS disappeared overnight. One of my friends about died from his colon “eating itself” – the doctors had no clue what was going, but a naturopath told him to cut out all grains – he had a miraculous turnaround that baffled the doctors. My suggestion would be to cut out all wheat for a week and see what happens. I’ll bet your diarrhea goes away, especially if you do a gallbladder flush as well. (What should you eat? I suggest some lean, grass-fed beef or other lean meat and lots of veggies. Cutting out all dairy wouldn’t hurt either.) Keep us posted!

  3. Thanks very much. I think the idea of eliminating wheat from my diet for a week is an excellent way to see of I am gluten intolerant. BTW. I am new to this site. How do I find gall bladder flushes? Thanks again.

  4. Thank you very much for the detailed information on gall bladder flushes. Very helpful indeed. Thanks again, Ann

  5. I was hospitalized with severe pain in my back at the base of the rib cage. All tests were done and nothing, especially the gall bladder, seemed to be a problem. My g astrologist has prescribed antibiotics CEPRO, for two weeks. The pain now is tolerable but I continue to have digestive problems and a dull pain in my back at the location I discussed above. I walk after each meal to help the digestive process. The symptoms are keeping me from sleeping and I usually take something for pain, which helps, but not always. Should I do the vinegar treatment? And how do I dose myself?

  6. Hi Barbara, the vinegar treatment should not hurt anything. Take two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water or apple juice…you can do that a few times a day and see if it helps. Many people have commented here how it gives immediate relief for gallstones. However, what you described doesn’t necessarily sounds like a gallbladder issue. Good luck and keep us posted.

  7. I’ve had every test done and it came back that I have sludge in my gallbladder. I feel sluggish and keep getting sweaty in the face area, in the crease of my elbows and under my breast and I burp a lot sometimes taste like rotten eggs. is that I symptom? I also continue to have a pain like a hot rod being jammed in at the top part of my ribs. I’m getting a 2nd opinion because the 1st doc want do the surgery.

  8. My symptom is like having a GERD. I had heartburn one day after having a cheesecake. However after having my bowel checked, no problem in there so I decide to have upper-ab ultrasound and found gallbladder stone. I am now taking nexium to reduce acid and eat low fat diet such as boiled chicken breast. I lost my weight and still have gas and bloating. Should I have bile salt supplement? I don’t know why I still have high acid in my digestive tract and I am uncertain if bile salt or gallbladder flush will increase acid in my body. Please suggest. Thank you.

  9. Hey Shirley, I haven’t heard of the sluggishness and sweaty areas as much, but after I do a gallbladder flush I always have a lot more energy for about 3 months…so, I suppose this could be a symptom of gallbladder sludge. The “hot rod being jammed in the top part of your ribs” certainly sounds like gallstones/sludge. Try taking some apple cider vinegar (2 tsp in a cup of water or apple juice.) a couple of times a day, this should bring immediate relief. As I write about a lot on this site…there are many flushes and easy diet changes you can make and hopefully keep your gallbladder (as I’ve been able to do.) Good luck!

  10. Hi Tak. It certainly sounds like gallbladder issues. I think bile salt supplements should help. A gallbladder flush could temporarily increase the acidity of your body, but I think it would be worth it. Once you get the gallstones and sludge out, you’ll feel a lot better. Also try adding apple cider vinegar to your diet (2 tsp in a cup of water a couple of times a day). While vinegar is acidic, it actually alkalizes your body. (It, like lemons and limes, turns alkaline when your body digests it…I’ll save you the science.) But ACV really helps with gallbladder symptoms. Good luck!

  11. Thanks for your reply. I have tried ACV it helps with gallbladder but I’ve got really bad GERD. Will continue using it, though, but with smaller amount, like 1 teaspoon a day.

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