Frustrated that you can't find anything to eat that works with your gallbladder?

Has it been tough to eat since your gallbladder has been removed?

Wanting to get back to feeling normal?

Well, now you can!

Chaz Shively Gallbladder Recipes Cookbook Hi, my name is Chaz Shively. For years, I suffered from gallbladder problems and gallstones. As I chatted with my friends and family members, I was shocked to learn how many others had the same issues. Some had their gallbladders taken out and had trouble eating the foods they were use to eating. Others kept trying to get by with that nagging, chronic pain on the right side of their body. 

Do you feel the same way?


I understand…and it’s not fun.

But, I was determined to figure out a way to feel normal again. And I’m proud to say that after eight years of research and experimentation, I now do not have any gallbladder pain…and I still have my gallbladder. By testing many different recipes and changing by diet, I am back to normal. And, not only has my gallbladder pain gone away, I have more energy than I ever thought possible.


…and now I want to share my secrets with you!

Gallstone Cookbook

I assembled over a hundred recipes that are gentle and healing for your gallbladder. And, yes, while there are thirteen, delicious, gallbladder-friendly soup recipes… there’s also plenty meals that you can sink your teeth into also ;-) . All of these recipes are compiled in The Healthy Gallbladder Cookbook ebook.



“Finally, recipes in a cookbook for those of us with gallbladder and gallstone issues,including those who have had their gallbladder removed!”

The Healthy Gallbladder Cookbook contains the following:

  • General Diet Tips for Eating with Gallbladder Issues (and removal). THIS ALONE IS WORTH 3 TIMES THE PRICE OF THE BOOK!
  • Appetizer Recipes: Finally, you can join in the party!
  • Soup Recipes: From a delicious carrot-curry soup (turmeric is great for your gallbladder) to our Northeast fish soup, you’ve now got some great meals for lunch or a light dinner.
  • Salad Recipes: As you know, veggies are about the best thing you can eat for your gallbladder and liver (if your gallbladder has been removed), but eating the same old lettuce salad does get a bit tiring. Now, you’ve got a variety of salads that really can spice up lunch and dinner — AND will help return your system to optimal health.
  • Side Dish and Vegetable Recipes: Now you can add in more sides to your meals!
  • Sandwich Recipes: While many cookbooks have great “big meal” recipes, what do you do for a quick, healthy lunch that won’t keel you over with gallbladder pain? I’ve found a bunch of recipes and sandwich tips that can give you variety day after day.
  • Main Dish Recipes: Sit down for dinner with your family and friends with full meals that you can enjoy with these mouth-watering recipes.
  • Dessert Recipes: Many of the ingredients in most desserts don’t work at all when you’ve had your gallbladder removed or have gallbladder issues. In my recipe book, you’ve now got a great mixture of delicious desserts!
  • Sauces, Dips, and Condiment Recipes: To top it all off (pun intended), I’ve got some tasty dips, sauces, salad dressings, etc that can help spice up other recipes.
  • Great Breakfast Ideas and Recipes: And finally, while lunch and dinner are covered, we can’t leave out “the most important meal of the day!” As eggs are off limits for most people, I’ve found a number of delicious breakfasts recipes that can start the day out right. (And, my mom and some of my aunts are now using one of my recipes every day even though she doesn’t have gallbladder problems!)
  • Drinks and Teas: Sipping on certain drinks and teas throughout the day can greatly help out with gallbladder issues and gallstones. Learn which ones are the best.

As I was putting together The Healthy Gallbladder Cookbook, I polled hundreds of my readers of I was surprised at how many people said they would pay $30 or more for the cookbook

…but I thought that was too high. I really want others to feel as great as I do. I also considered pricing it at $25…but that felt too high as well. I think $19.95 is the right price, but as I’m just rolling this cookbook out to you, I’m offering the product for $9.75 for a limited time.

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