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While gall bladder symptoms in women are more to occur than they do in men, men actually have more serious complications from gallstones.

The most common gall bladder symptoms in men are:

    • Pain in his gallbladder region: Men’s gallbladders are located right below their liver, on the right side of their body half way between their throat and belly button. The pain be sharp and sudden, or a chronic ache.

Gallbladder Symptoms in Men

    • Pain in his abdominal region: Though his gallbladder may be having problems, other parts of his abdomen may hurt as well. The pain can be continual or when he presses on different parts of her abdomen.
    • Pain in his right shoulder blade: Gallbladder pain can be felt in his right shoulder blade.
    • Yellow eyes or skin: The whites of his eyes or skin can become slightly yellow, or jaundiced.
    • Bloating, gas, or different looking stool: If his gallbladder isn’t working correctly, it can affect the rest of his digestive tract.
    • Fever, nausea, and vomiting: While these symptoms can indicate other health issues, they are also tied to gallbladder problems.

There are many different symptoms of gall bladder problems and each type of problem has different symptoms associated it with it. Please read about different types of gallbladder disease to see which symptoms are tied to each gallbladder problem.

Most importantly, please share your symptoms in the comment section below and others will share their advice on how to fix it! Seriously, please feel free to ask me any question you’d like! Just scroll down and share/ask in the “Leave a Reply” section. I’ll get back to you, usually in 24 hours.


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  1. I don’t know if its my gallbladder. But I get a Sharp abdominal pain. I also get constant stomach acid from stress its burns in my back and chest and groin. I went to Er and they give me pepcid. I think its a( h pylori bacteria) that is eating me please help!!!!

  2. Hi Cleveland. Wow, this does not sound fun. Do the sharp abdominal pains occur all of the time or after you eat?

    In case it is gallstones (or other gallbladder problems), eat apples, beets, artichokes, ginger; and drink apple juice (organic, unfiltered preferably), cleavers tea, and lots of water. As you’ve probably seen on this site, conducting gallstone flushes works wonders. While somewhat of a different topic than this blog, if you do have H. Pylori, you can often take hydrocloric acid pills (HCL)…I’ve seen this work wonders. (Of course, always check with a doctor first.) Keep us posted on how things go.

  3. I don’t know if it’s my gallbladder too. But everytime I eat, I feel like my food is stuck in the center, center bottom of ribcage.

  4. After reading this stuff about gallbladder attacks, it sounds like I have the symptoms. Mine are worse when my stomach is empty and feel alot better after I eat. Is this normal?

  5. Hi Randy, usually it’s the other way around… Most men and women experience gallbladder symptoms right after they eat. About a year ago, I actually had an ulcer that hurt when my stomach was empty…that could be the case? What other symptoms are you experiencing?

  6. I’ve been throwing up everyday within 15 minutes of waking up. This has lasted for more than 4 months. Recently I started throwing up small amounts of blood. Very worried about this…

  7. Wow, Matthew. That doesn’t necessarily sounds like gallbladder or gallstone issues. What are your other symptoms? While we usually advocate for alternative treatments to gallbladder symptoms, in many situations, you should talk to a doctor. I hope you’ve been able to do that?

  8. I recently spoke to a friend who just had gallbladder surgery and she told me before it was fixed, she would usually throw up in the morning when she got up. The doctor said he was familiar with the symptom and that it often sounds like morning sickness.
    I have been having trouble digesting my food properly, I throw up usually within 15 minutes after I wake up and the contents of my vomit usually include undigested food from the day before. Usually meats and vegetables. I also have muscle weakness and weight loss, but I assumed that would be attributed to the digestion problems. I haven’t been able to see a doctor because I just started a new job and my insurance won’t kick in for another month a half.
    I’m afraid to go to the free clinic and get diagnosed with something that I will have to disclose to the insurance company that would cause them to deny me coverage. Not sure what to do.
    Thank you for the concern and the help though…

  9. I’ve had stomach issues for the last 3 months. I have had everything ultrasound-ed in my abdoninal cavity, had blood chemistry done, and tested for H. pylori and ALL came back negative. I have a firend at work who experienced EXACTLY all my symptoms and her Dr. told her to get the HIDAscan done for the gall bladder as it can detect over or under-active g-b function. I am about at the end of my wits and still no better than from mid-July taking scripts and doctored ordered med. I still can’t eat without pain and bloating and gas etc etc etc…even on a highly restricted diet with no alcohol or fat.

  10. Hi Mark,
    Wow, that does not sound fun. Keep us posted on the HIDA scan results. Usually gallstones show up in the ultrasound, so it’s unlikely that you have them. You could have and underactive gallbladder, but I’m not sure that would cause the symptoms you’re having. On top of my gallbladder issues, I did have an ulcer a few years ago (H Pylori)…took some heavy duty medicine which about made me crazy…but in the end it helped. This doesn’t really sounds like gallbladder issues that you’re having. It could be, but sounds like more of a stomach/intestinal issue? Regardless, please let us know how it goes!
    -The Gallbladder Help team

  11. I have that pain under my rib cage, and sometimes in the lower region of my abdomen. Sometimes the pain moves to the side of my rib cage. I got an ultrasound done and the lady said she couldn’t find my gall bladder but the duct was functioning fine. They said I had no abnormality’s. The Doctor gave me Nexium and it seemed to make me feel better. I ran out of Nexium and i started getting a pain in the right abdomen and on the side of my ribcage. I am making an appointment with a GI doctor. Anyone else go through with this?
    P.S. have a family history of digestive problems.

  12. Hi David,

    Usually gallbladder problems are on the right side of your body. It’s strange that they couldn’t see your gallbladder with an ultrasound — that’s very unusual. It is usual, however, for doctors to prescribe medicine even if they don’t know what’s going on. When you say you have gallbladder pain on the right side of your body, it’s very likely that’s gallbladder issues. My suggestion is to try some of the gallbladder flushes we have on this website. They have been a godsend for me. I’ve kept my gallbladder, had no surgery, and have no pain. I’ve also changed my diet per all of the things I’ve written about on this site.

    Hope this helps!

  13. Hello, I have always had digestive problems but for the most part can be treated with antacids. About a year ago @ work I got the worst pain on my right side, it was too high to be my appendix so I ran to my doctor. He thought it may be my gallbladder, went for an ultrasound, no stones. Had pain for months till I could not stand it anymore it was this gnawing constant pain. Finally had a HIDA scan, my gallbladder was functioning @ 6%. Well I am 59 and never was in a hospital so I was scared to death. So what do I do- my doctor says he cannot tell men to have surgery or not- the surgeon says if left there it can become infected………………… met with 2 different surgeons made an appointment for surgery the following week, called that surgeon back cancelled- got another surgeon’s opinion & let the 2nd surgeon remove my gallbladder through my bellybutton, hurt bad when bending the first day or 2 but, pretty quick recovery and no more pain on my side as soon as the gallbladder was gone. I would never have gotten the surgery unless I absolutely had to.

    Best Wishes

  14. Thanks for sharing. While I strongly advocate for doing gallbladder flushes and changing diet before surgery…sometimes, surgery has to be done. Glad it all worked out for you!

  15. My boss has been in major pain for the past few months. He isn’t wanting to seek medical attention but he is feeling all of these symptoms and it has gotten progressively worse. Should he seek medical attention?

  16. I always recommend getting medical attention. I would also say that there are alternative methods to dealing with gallbladder issues – changing the diet and conducting gallbladder flushes work wonders.

  17. my name is David I have liver pains and radiates to lower right side also have constant pain in my shoulder blade region had a cat scan done and stones were found this has been going on since June and it is Feb. 13 2015 I have a appt Tuesday for a ultrasound will this test prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that stones are the problem I have also went through vomiting diarrhea a big weight lose and long periods of sleep 15 to 19 hours a day , Constantly fatigued im worried about this the VA did not do any tests being a retired military I got diagnosed through them thank you

  18. David B Marshall I have had the weight lose 30 pounds in under a month liver pain as well as pain going to my lower right side the worst pain is non stop pain between my shoulder blades this is scary stuff a cat scan reveled stones and I have a ultra sound set up for Tuesday will this finally tell the doctors what they need to move forward on treatment….. thank you

  19. Hi David, I hope everything is ok. We all on this site know how painful gallstones can be. Hopefully, you were able to try some the flushes I write about on this site as well as changes to diet. Good luck!

  20. My son (43) had terrible pain in right side after eating at an out of town restaurtant so we dismissed it. He had such continuing pain he ended up in ;the emergency romm 5 days later diagnosed with a gall stone in the neck of the organ. They of course wanted to remove his gall bladder immediately but also told him as long as his vitals looked so good he could consult his family doctor first to consult. He doesn’t have one so i’m trying to get outside opinions. Is it serious to wait? and what are the down side to having no gall bladder?

  21. Hi Kris, if a stone is completely blocking the neck of the gallbladder, my understanding is that’s quite severe and can become problematic. While I strongly advocate for people trying to keep their gallbladders (by conducting the flushes I talk about on here, changing diet, etc.), there are times where removing the gallbladder is the safest option. The downside as I understand it is 1) many people complain of diarrhea for years after having their gallbladder removed 2) that stones then start to build up in the liver (not 100% proven, but many indications this happens) 3) any operation can alter other functions of the body and 4) people have to change their diets to feel good. With all of this said, for immediate relief he should try drinking Braggs apple cider vinegar – that can bring immediate relief and my help dissolve the stone (http://gallbladderhelp.com/apple-cider-vinegar-acv-gallbladder-gallstones)…also, search for the Hulda Clarke flush on my site, by using the epsom salts and doing that flush, he may be able to push the stone out and solve it himself. (Since it’s already stuck, all the flush could do is help.) Hope this helps and keep us posted!

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