gallbladder-attack-symptoms-in-womenGallbladder attack symptoms in women are caused by gallstones, or acute cholecystitis, 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time they are caused by tumors or various other forms of gallbladder disease. Women who are on birth control pills, have been pregnant, or are on hormone therapy (estrogen) are even more likely to develop gallstones and other symptoms.

  • Primary symptoms of a gallstone attack include pain in the upper right side or upper middle part of her abdomen. The pain can come right after eating and ranges from sharp pangs to a dull ache. Pain can often spread to her right shoulder.
  • Secondary symptoms can be yellow eyes (jaundice), a full belly, different colored stools (clay colored, usually), fever, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Diagnosis: Foremost, her abdomen will likely feel painful to the touch. Medical professionals may also order blood tests (bilirubin levels, blood count, Amylase and lipase levels, and liver tests), ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays, an oral cholecystogram, and/or a gallbladder radionuclide exam.
  • Treatment: If she is having severe abdominal pain, seek immediate medical attention. Often, medical professionals will advise removal of her gallbladder. However, there are many alternatives to removal that allow her to avoid surgery, keep her organs in place, and live a healthy, happy life. Please search this site for alternatives.

There are many different symptoms of gallbladder problems and each type of issue has different symptoms associated it with it. Please read about different types of gallbladder disease to see which symptoms are tied to each gallbladder problem.

If you or a woman that you know has these symptoms, take a look at changing to a healthier gallbladder diet, consider conducting gallbladder flushes, and learn some great recipes for a better gallbladder.


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