Gall bladder pain can be sharp and nearly unbearable. Sometimes, you barely notice it at all. When I started developing symptoms of gallbladder problems, I felt a tightness in my gallbladder region (halfway between my throat and belly button on the right side of my body). It sometimes ached a bit, but wasn’t ever super-painful. I had successfully conducted gallstone flushes for years, had changed my diet, and had virtually eliminated gallbladder pain, when one night it came back.

I must not have flushed all of the gallstones out on previous flushes. I was with some friends and had a few slices of pizza. The dairy/fat combo must have set off the gallstone attack, but I certainly had an unbelievable wave of pain. My breathing quickened, my right shoulder hurt, and then after a couple of minutes it passed.

I knew that it was a gallstone stone attack, and knew what to do to prevent them down the road: go back to my healthy gallbladder diet and do a couple of gallstone / liver cleanses. That was nearly two years ago, and after making the changes, I have not had a gallstone attack since.

Typical symptoms of gallbladder pain are:

  • Pain in your gall bladder region: Your gall bladder is located right below your liver, on the right side of your body half way between your throat and belly button. The pain can range from a dull ache to sharp pain.
  • Abdominal pain: Though your gall bladder may be having problems, other parts of your abdomen may hurt as well. The pain can be continual or when your press on different parts of your abdomen.
  • Right shoulder pain: Pain signals can radiate from your gall bladder to your right shoulder.

In addition to pain symptoms, there are other symptoms of gallbladder problems. Be sure to read about different types of gallbladder disease and their associated symptoms.

In nearly all cases of gallbladder pain, changing to a healthy gallbladder diet, conducting gallbladder flushes, and using healthy gallbladder recipes can help you. Please search our gallbladder website, for all of these resources and more.


Gall Bladder Pain | Pain in my Gallbladder — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Sylvia, if you just have a “pinch of pain” on the right-side of your body about at the bottom of your rib cage, there’s a good chance it’s a gallbladder problem — and most likely gallstones. Take a look at our post about symptoms of gallbladder problems to better diagnose the issue. If you do have gallstones, we suggest doing a gallstone flush and changing to a healthy gall bladder diet. Keep us posted on how it goes!

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