A bad gallbladder diet can certainly trigger gallstone attacks and lead to poor gallbladder health and various types of gallbladder disease. Foods that are unhealthy for your gallbladder are the typical bad foods for nearly all types of diets:

  • Animal products: Fatty meats bacon, pork chops, and steaks
  • Dairy: Whole milk, ice cream, cheese
  • Whites: Foods made with sugar and/or refined flour like pastries, breads, candy, cakes, etc.
  • Drinks: Alcohol, coffee, soda

While all of these foods taste great and it’s difficult to cut them out when you’re use to them, there are some great substitutions that can help:

  • Meats: Switch out beef and pork for low-fat poultry, or even better salmon or other fishes high in omega-3’s. Also, replace meats with other protein foods – beans and legumes.
  • Dairy: Switch to low-fat milk, feta or mozzarella cheese, and/or soy milk.
  • Grains/sugars: Switch out white bread for whole grain bread. (Be sure to read the labels carefully, most “whole wheat” breads are loaded with sugars and are simply brown flour, not whole grains.) Change to whole grain crackers, and get your sugar fix from fruits.
  • Drinks: Change to herbal teas that are good for your gallbladder such as chamomile or cleavers teas.

With a few minor swaps, you’ll be able to upgrade your bad gallbladder diet to a better one.


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