Do I have to take Epsom salts when doing a gallstone, gallbladder, or liver flush?
We are often asked if people need to use Epsom salts when conducting gall stone, gall bladder, and liver flushes. The short answer is that if it’s your first couple of times doing a gall stone flush – yes; if you have done a few flushes, then you can try a flush without them.

The long answer
When you have symptoms of gallbladder problems or need gallbladder help, you can conduct a gallstone flush. This cleanses your liver and gallbladder of gallstones and sludge. Most cleanses, like the classic Hulda Clark flush, have you drink down Epsom salts for two main reasons. First, the salts are a laxative and “clean you out.” This cleans out some toxins in your body and also allows you to see your gallstones when you complete the flush. The second thing the Epsom salts do is relax your muscles. This is supposed to allow larger gallstones to pass through your bile ducts because they are relaxed. In fact, if a gallstone gets stuck during a flush, drinking more Epsom salts is one solution to help it pass through.

About Epsom salts
Epsom salts are a chemical compound of magnesium sulfate. You can usually buy a box at the grocery store, pharmacy, or big box retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. They are usually just a dollar or two per box.

Besides mixing them in water to drink down before a gall bladder or liver detox, you can also put them in a bath to help you relax. Your skin does absorb some of the salts from the bath water.

Drinking Epsom salts
One final note about Epsom salts: They taste terrible. They are helpful in the cleansing process, but getting them down can be difficult. Some tips we have used are: chilling the Epsom salt/water mixture in the fridge before drinking, having a “chaser shot” of apple juice right after drinking them, and putting a few drops of apple juice in the mixture.

What are your comments and experiences with Epsom salts?