Chamomile is often noted as a remedy for gallbladder and gallstone problems. It is a flower that looks like a daisy and is related to the sunflower. It’s often dried, crushed, and used as a tea to treat many different health problems. The German or blue chamomile strain (Matricaria recutita (syn. M. chamomilla) is the most commonly used. It is widely noted that chamomile effectively prevents and dissolves gallstones; however, this is not backed by substantial scientific evidence.

Chamomile has a few “active ingredients:”chamomile gallbladder gallstone

  • Bisabolol: An essential oil that reduces inflammation and kills microbes.
  • Chrysin: A flavonoid that calms the nerves.
  • Coumarin: A compound that is used to make blood thinners, though the coumarin compound is essentially inert.

Based on the active components, chamomile may be better to help you during a gallstone attack by relaxing the gallbladder and ducts than it is in actually dissolving gallstones.

Note that you can have allergic reactions to chamomile. ( knows this from experience!) It also should not be taken during pregnancy as it can stimulate the uterus. It also has a component closely related to the blood thinner Coumadin so anyone with bleeding disorders should avoid it.