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Welcome to the official website for gallbladder help. Are you interested in learning more about symptoms of gallbladder problems, gallbladder diets, and how to cleanse and flush your gallstones? These are only a few of the many topics you can learn about on this website and blog. Ready to get started? Browse our site or simply search for what you’re looking for in the search box in the top-right of the site.

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You will find the information provided on this site to be a helpful resource:

  • Answer some basic questions such as: “Where is your gallbladder ?” or “What are gallstones?” or even “What are the different types of gallbladder disease?”
  • Dig deeper into various topics on gallbladder diets and recipes, gallstone removal, gallbladder surgery, and what to do after gallbladder surgery.
  • And, of course, feel free to ask gallbladder questions, share your gallbladder stories, and experiences!


What are the different kinds of symptoms of gallbladder problems?

Please read our post on the basics of symptoms of gallbladder problems or our page on gallbladder disease for more indepth explanations of the symptoms that occur with each different type of gallbladder problem.

What types of gallbladder problems do I have?

Your gallbladder, a small sac below your liver used to hold bile, can have many different problems – each of which is labeled a different type of gallbladder disease. The most common problem is the occurrence of gallstones. Gallstones are essentially hardened bile and bile salts that can cause pain when your gallbladder contracts or when a gallstone travels down many of the ducts that connect to your digestive tract. These episodes can be extremely painful and are labeled gallbladder attacks. Other types of gallbladder disease include gallbladder cancer, polyps, porcelain gallbladder, etc.

What can I do to help with my gallbladder pain?

Gallbladder problems can be extremely painful. Most doctors and Western medicine advocate for gallbladder removal. However, there are many gallbladder alternatives – change of diet, conducting a gallbladder flush, and using many different gallbladder remedies. Please explore this site to find the best gallbladder treatments for you!

What should I do for a healthy gall bladder diet?

In general for a healthy gall bladder diet, you should avoid fatty greasy food and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That said, explore our site and check out growing list of gallstone and gallbladder recipes, learn which foods to eat and which to avoid, what to eat after gallbladder surgery, types of gallbladder diets, and more!

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